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Our experience covers most sectors, such as automotive, Motorsports, Motorbikes, Bicycle, Aerospace, Defense, UAVs, Electric Vehicle, Sporting Goods, and more. Over the years, Our Founder has experience of successfully manufactured over 500 new components using carbon Fiber, Glass fiber, Aramid, Dyneema, and many more.

Creedx offers volume production, bespoke, prototypes, and short runs, and R & D Projects.

Creedx can provide end-to-end solutions from concept to finished part production, covering detailed design, Mold Design, Mold production, material selection, laminate design, Part manufacturing, and UV clear Coating.

Carbon fiber Parts Manufacturer in India.

We design and develop the product in High-Quality Carbon fiber. We specialize in Tooling Design.

Our areas of expertise are Carbon Composites, Carbon fiber Bicycle, Racing Cars in Carbon fiber, Carbon fiber Electric Car, Carbon Fiber Electric Bike, Motorsports in carbon fiber, Composite Air Frame for UAVs , Aerospace, and Defense.

Engineering Support

Over the 15 years of experience in Composites product design and development can help our customer for developing their Carbon Composite products.

Tooling Design

Tooling Design

We can work with you to ensure the Tooling design meets your needs for both quality and cost, while reducing the risks involved with hand-made processes. We can support for design tooling, fixtures and jigs to support each component from start to finish.

Process Design

We can work with you to freeze the layup schedule, material selection, and ply placement. We will prepare the Layup book to ensure that product configure as per customer requirements.



We are 3500sq.ft Clean-Room for lamination, where 25 laminators can work in a single shift, we have the facility to run the 2 shift. Our laminator has experience with laminate components using prepreg.



Currently, we have 1 oven (2mtr-Width X 2mtr-Height X 1.7mtr-Depth) with 250 Degree working temperature. We are planning to have big size Autoclave(1.5mtr-Dia X 4.2mtr-Length) in 2024.

Quality Standard

Quality Standard

Quality and Clients expectation are crucial factors in the success of CREDDX. To become the world’s leading company in the manufacture of premium and Luxury carbon fibre components, CREEDX always pushing their limits to highest quality standards. Creedx is proud to hold ISO 9001-2015 international quality certifications from TUV Nord

Trimming & Finishing

Trimming & Finishing

We have a 1000sq.ft area for Trimming and finishing activities, we have a small size of paint booth for UV clear coat to carbon composite parts.

Quality Control

We have a surface Table, Vernier Calipers, thickness Gauge. We develop one vendor for FARO scan and CMM for our higher precision Jobs.

New Product Development

We are researching on new product for Medical industries and Textile industries at this moment and expecting to have this product inmarket by 2024.

  • We provide end to end solution for all types of UAV's Carbon Composite Air frame Development.
  • Our expertise will help to  design the shape/profiles of composite Air frame because flow of fibers and composite Layup is the key factor to achieved desire strength with lowest weight and we provide end to end solution.
  • We support for Prototypes developments.
  • We help to decide the  the right carbon fiber for your UAVs.
  • We allot the dedicated team and resources for the exclusive Composites Air frames production. so our customer don't need to worry about their composite parts and we provide door delivery based on their assembly schedule.
  • We take full responsibilities of Composite Air frame.
  • Creedx Composites Private Limited , Plot No: C, 20/8, Rd Number 15, Hoziwala Industrial Estate, Sachin, Surat, Gujarat 394235, India
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If you like to develop product in carbon Fiber send us your details and we will come-up with the solution.

  • Carbon Fiber is stronger than other materials like a steel and its made up with fibers and resins which contribute to their strength. Fibers carry the load, while resins distribute the weight throughout the composite part.
  • 42% lighter than an aluminum  and  5 times lighter than a steel.
  • Highly resistance to weather and harsh chemicals which makes them a good choice for applications that face constant exposure to salt water, toxic chemicals, temperature fluctuations and severe conditions.
  •  Highly durable and flexible to achieve any types of complex shape

  • Tooling Design
  • Process Design (Carbon Lay-up, Material selection)
  • Aluminum Mold manufacturing.
  • UV Coating
  • Composite to Metal Bonding. 
  • Composites part production (Prototypes/small quantity to Large Numbers)
  • Our product Development stages and approximate timelines are as below:
    1. Product Review : 1-2 Days
    2. Tooling Design : 1-5 Days based on complexity
    3. Tooling production : 15-30 Days
    4. Prototypes production : 2-3 Days
    5. Part production : 1-2days
  • There are a different types of Carbon Fiber available in the market based upon the applications.
  • You can not derive the cost from its weight, Cost is calculated based on Fiber types & Manufacturing process we used.
  • Difficult to say the cost of the part without study the component thoroughly.

Graduate Engineer Trainee

We are looking for fresh Engineering and Diploma Holder.

Eligible Criteria: BE/B.Tech/Diploma Mechanical & Automobile (Pass out 2020-21)

Please Fill the assessment Form: Assessment Form
Job description :
The candidate for this position will be responsible for Laminating the high quality Carbon Fiber parts and managing the process from tool preparation to curing the components. The candidate should also be able to recommend improvements to the process through the tracking of metrics and reporting of data. The candidate should definitely have strong technical abilities in order to succeed in this role.

Responsibilities :
  • Carbon Fiber Parts lamination.
  • Establish process metrics and goals.
  • Develop and issue process design.
  • Bachelor's degree/diploma in Mechanical/Automobile/Aeronautical Engineering.
  • Familiarity with Composite material and their manufacturing processes.
  • Excellent written and oral skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively.
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