• Carbon Fiber is stronger than other materials like a steel and its made up with fibers and resins which contribute to their strength. Fibers carry the load, while resins distribute the weight throughout the composite part.
  • 42% lighter than an aluminum  and  5 times lighter than a steel.
  • Highly resistance to weather and harsh chemicals which makes them a good choice for applications that face constant exposure to salt water, toxic chemicals, temperature fluctuations and severe conditions.
  •  Highly durable and flexible to achieve any types of complex shape

  • Tooling Design
  • Process Design (Carbon Lay-up, Material selection)
  • Aluminum Mold manufacturing.
  • UV Coating
  • Composite to Metal Bonding. 
  • Composites part production (Prototypes/small quantity to Large Numbers)
  • Our product Development stages and approximate timelines are as below:
    1. Product Review : 1-2 Days
    2. Tooling Design : 1-5 Days based on complexity
    3. Tooling production : 15-30 Days
    4. Prototypes production : 2-3 Days
    5. Part production : 1-2days
  • There are a different types of Carbon Fiber available in the market based upon the applications.
  • You can not derive the cost from its weight, Cost is calculated based on Fiber types & Manufacturing process we used.
  • Difficult to say the cost of the part without study the component thoroughly.